Now What?

[instructor_avatar id=”2423″ classes=”col-md-3 pull-right”]Maybe you took the January SAT and the test did not go your way. Maybe you’ve been avoiding those not-so-hot test scores from last semester because if you ignore them, they might go away. So here you are, in the midst of the spring semester, and you’re asking yourself, “Now what do I do?”

Before you decide to rethink all of your college plans and reschedule your campus visits, consider some options for what you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your score on the March, May, or June test.

Option 0: Do nothing

Okay, this isn’t really an option, but some people just give up and accept a lower score than what they wanted.  Don’t take this option. You can do something.

Option 1: Buy a book
You can always buy a big, thick test prep book from your favorite book store. However, much like buying a gym membership after the holidays, while well-intentioned, it rarely works. Here’s why: first, buying a book helps you feel like you’ve done something without actually doing anything that will improve your score. Second, it is really difficult to motivate yourself to study for a test that is two months away when you have a math quiz on Thursday and a science test on Friday. Third, the book doesn’t give you any accountability, nor does it help you set goals.

Option 2: Take a class
Revolution Prep has six-week classes, both on school campuses and online. Classes are a great way to set aside solid chunks of time every week to take a practice exam and learn test strategies. Also, classes are nice because you are there with other people who are also trying to balance standardized test prep with a busy schedule.

Online classes are neat because you can join from any place with a good internet connection, as long as it is conducive to interacting with your instructor through video and mic. The class sizes are small, so you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get some personalized help. Plus, you might be in class with people from all over the country. How cool is that?

Option 3: Private tutoring
Revolution Prep has world-class SAT and ACT tutors who are trained to help you meet your goals. Getting a tutor is just like hiring a personal trainer. The tutor will assess your areas of weakness and set up a study plan to get you where you need to be to meet your personal goals. The tutor will also help you maximize your strengths so you can get your best score. You can meet your tutor online through an interactive program, making it easy to work in a tutoring session even if you are traveling.

So the test didn’t go the way you would have liked. There is still time to do something about it!

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