5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time for SAT/ACT Prep

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Preparing for the SAT®/ACT® doesn’t sound like the MOST fun thing to do during the summer months but spending a bit of time on it actually makes a lot of sense. And, it can save your child a lot of stress during the midst of the school year. Taking even two to four hours per week to do some preparation can make a huge difference in that important score.

Here are five reasons it makes sense to consider test preparation this summer:

1. Doesn’t interfere with schoolwork

Grades are still the most important part of the college admissions process so NOTHING your child does should interfere with these. Junior and senior years are especially challenging and anything your child can do to minimize additional stress and time commitments will be valuable.

2. More efficient study time

Like exercising, one push up a day will not do much to make a person stronger. Test preparation works similarly where you need a consistent amount of time each week devoted to it to make a difference. Having sufficient time to devote to this makes the time spent more efficient – meaning less stress and financial savings overall.

3. Turns summer slide into summer surge

The summer slide impacts thousands of students each year! Test preparation helps build skills instead of having them decline during this time. This means your child will be sharper when they head back into school – helping his grades and academic career overall.

4. New July & August SAT® dates

This year, for the first time, the SAT® is actually offered in July & August. This can be a great time to get this out of the way before the school year begins.

5. Higher scores

People underestimate how much they can do. Students often don’t realize how much their score can increase when given the appropriate amount of preparation time. Under the idea of growth mindset, we believe that hard work and dedication will lead to improved results. Taking the summer to work on these skills can lead to higher scores in the end.


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