Hear directly from our Faculty Director, Audra Stanton, about tutoring at Revolution Prep:


The Tutor Matching process

Who is the Tutor Matching Team? 
How do you match students to tutors?
Why are you scheduling all of my tutoring hours upfront?



I’ve submitted my availability for tutoring. What’s next? 

How long before I receive my tutor match? 
When will I meet my tutor? 


Accessing Tutoring via the Student Dashboard:

How do I launch my tutoring sessions? 
Do I need a Zoom link? 
Do I need a Zoom account? 
How can I see my full schedule? 

The First Tutoring Session:

What do I need to do in advance to be ready for the first session?  
What should I expect in my first session?  

Account Questions:

Where do I find my login and password?
How do I reset my login/password?

Navigate to the Student Dashboard, and click Forgot username or password?  

How can I make changes to my tutoring schedule? 

How can I adjust my session times/dates?
What is your scheduling/cancelation policy? 
How can I get assistance with scheduling?  

Customer Service: 

I can’t find my welcome email/session reminder/etc.
How do I contact my tutor or Advisor?  
What if I don’t feel like it’s a good match?   

How can I get additional Academic or Test Prep help? 

How do I add more tutoring hours? 
How can I get additional support?