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Students new to Revolution Prep can get special pricing on an engaging tutor who can help them connect with school material, ace their tests, and achieve their academic goals—now through September 30, 2020.

10 hours of Tutoring for the price of 5!

Get five bonus hours with a grade-boosting tutor who can help your child start the 2020–2021 school year strong! Over the course of more than 1 million tutoring hours, our professional tutor faculty has identified the best ways to effectively engage your child safely online and create paths to long-term academic success.

Better grades, higher test scores, and lower stress
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New Revolution Prep students can get either $200 toward a Private Tutoring package purchase of 12 hours or more $200 toward a Tutoring package purchase of 10 hours or more, equal to two free hours of Private Tutoring (based on Advanced tier pricing) or five free hours of Tutoring. Redeemable once per new student.

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Up to 3 students get personalized tutoring from a professional online tutor in almost any school subject.

• Self-scheduled on your tutor’s calendar
• 1 tutor, up to just 3 students

Get 10 hours
For the price of 5!

$398 $198

Premium tutoring with a decade of experience in every lesson

Most tutoring companies contract part-time tutors. We hire full-time tutors and provide more than 100 hours of annual professional development, which means your child’s Tutoring program is always improving in quality and you see the results. And since Tutoring happens all online, your child can learn from anywhere in the world!

Experience in live, online learning

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100 academic & test prep subjects