Writing Your College Admissions Essay

Writing the college admissions essay is a vital part of any college application. Some universities require as many as five essays, whereas many others only require one. Depending on the university, more weight is put on the admissions essay than others. If the essay is required, you can count on it being used to aid the admissions decision.

The essay should be used as a tool to distinguish yourself from the rest of the thousands of applicants you are competing against. Even if you have high SAT scores and a perfect GPA, a well-crafted essay can be the key that sets you apart from the rest. The essay allows you to show universities how you are different than everyone else by providing information that your test scores, extracurricular activities, and GPA cannot.


The first thing to do is an informal brainstorming session where you get all of your ideas out on the table.  List every idea that you can muster, good or bad, and narrow down your ideas later. Once you have a comprehensive list of possible topics, choose a few topics that will be the most unique to you. Remember that the universities will be reading thousands of essays, so it is critical that your essay is distinctive. The essay will be short (typically 500 words), so your topic should be specific. This will allow you to dig into one idea rather than writing too generally.


Remember to answer the question being asked. It can be easy to get off track. You can write a dazzling essay, but if it does not directly answer the question, do not expect to be admitted to the university.

Be bold and original. Even if your topic seems boring you can still sound interesting by writing creatively. For example, if you write about your speech and debate tournament, do not begin your essay, “I worked long and hard to write my speech for the upcoming tournament.” Be more specific: “For three months I awoke before the sun to write, practice, and refine my speech, hoping to bring home a medal from the Nation’s most prestigious debate competition.”

Keep in mind that a well-crafted essay is not only good because of the topic but because of the voice. The way to accomplish this is to show, not tell. Writing that shows appeals to many of the senses: aural, visual, tactile, etc.

Give yourself adequate time to write multiple drafts. Have friends, teachers, and family read your drafts or bring in a tutor to work through your drafts. The more eyes and viewpoints the better! This will ensure your topic is thoroughly covered and you can narrow down your best work.

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