When should I take my AP Exams?

May is a beautiful month, and you have more than one reason to look forward to it. Spring will be springing, the school year will be coming to a close, and you will have an opportunity to earn college credits by taking AP Exams! AP Exams are offered every May, but don’t wait until spring to start preparing.

When do I start preparing for the AP tests?

Most people who take AP Exams also take AP classes in high school to prepare for the tests, but you can choose to prepare independently. If you are preparing independently, plan to spend six or eight months before the May test preparing for each subject. If you are taking AP classes at school, you should plan to take the AP Exam in May of the same school year as the class you are taking. That means the material will be fresh in your mind on test day. For example, if you are registered to take classes in AP World History, AP Biology, and AP Music Theory during the 2010-2011 school year, you should plan to take the AP Exams for those subjects in May of 2011.

But what if two of my AP tests are scheduled for the same time?

Occasionally, students want to take two AP tests that are scheduled for the same exam time.  The College Board holds a regular testing period in the first half of the month and a late testing period during the second half of the month. You can choose to take one of the exams during the late testing period, later in May. Consult your Revolution Prep tutor or your school’s AP coordinator for advice on which test you should take first.

How many tests should I take?

You are allowed to take as many AP Exams as you want each year, with one exception: you cannot take both calculus tests (AB and BC) in the same year. You also do not want to overwhelm yourself by trying to prepare for too many tests in one year. Keep in mind that, in general, students in grades 11 and 12 perform better on AP Exams than students in grade 10.  Still, many grade 10 students do well on AP Exams every year.  If you plan to take AP Exams in grade 10, consider taking only 1 or 2 tests that year. You can plan to take additional AP Exams during your 11th and 12th grade years. Many people take 3 – 5 AP tests in May of their junior and senior years. (See our test planner calendar.)

Is there anything else I should know about the AP Exam timeline?

Whether you are preparing in class or on your own, and no matter how many tests you are planning to take, private tutoring is available to you through Revolution Prep and we also have our new AP Booster Classes.  It’s best to call us (877-738-7737) several weeks ahead of test day, so we’ll have plenty of time to help you prepare. On the other hand, if the test is around the corner, our tutors would love to help you review and give you exam-specific tips on test-taking strategy!

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