'Twas the Night Before Test Day

Test Day Checklist*

‘Twas the night before test day, when all through the house

No one was stirring, except for me clicking my mouse;

Pencils, calculator, and ticket were set in my bag with care,

In hopes that tomorrow I will have everything there.

My siblings were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of the weekend danced in their heads;

But I was not done with my week’s work just yet,

As I made sure there was nothing else to forget;

And then I remembered as I hopped up from my rest;

I cannot forget my ID or they will not let me into the test!

Away to my room I flew like a flash,

Tore open my purse, and threw out the trash.

When, what to my tired eyes should appear,

But an expired ID that was from last school year.

I was panicked and distraught and had to think quick,

Without a valid ID, I might as well call in sick.

I went over my options for what will get me through:

A driver’s license, a school id, or even a passport will do.

Everywhere I looked, from the top of the porch to the top of the wall,

But ner could I find a valid ID; I could not find one at all!

Don’t panic; stay calm; all is not lost

Worst comes to worst, I will cancel the test and re-pay the cost.

As I was fretting, “Is this what I must do?”, I turned around

And down the stairs my brother came with a bound.

“What’s the matter?” he said as he tried not to grin,

“You seem more worried than you had been.”

His eyes how they twinkled! His smile was so quaint!

He was up to no good; my brother is no saint.

I asked him “Where is it? Where’s my ID, you jerk?”

He turned and he laughed, and went straight to his work;

Inside a box, and tucked into a shoe

Was this year’s school ID, still fresh and new.

And laughing and giggling at his ingenious plan,

He gave a nod and back up the stairs he ran;

But I heard him exclaim when he was almost out of sight,

“Happy Test-Day to all, hope I gave you a good fright!”

*Read in the same cadence as “’Twas the night before Christmas” a.k.a. “A visit from St. Nicholas”

Written by Heather Zeiger
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For the past several years, Heather has worked as a private tutor at the junior high, high school, and collegiate levels, including two years as a chemistry teaching assistant at the University of Texas at Dallas. She first graduated in the top five percent of her class at Lake Highlands High as an AP Scholar with Honor, then graduated magna cum laude from UTD with a Bachelors of Science in chemistry and a minor in government & politics. Her education continued with an MS in chemistry, and she is currently working on a MA in bioethics from Trinity International University. When Heather leaves the laboratory, she enjoys martial arts and museums.

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