A better learning environment for the students of Alliance College-Ready Schools

More than 125 Revolutionaries and 80 students, the administration and Board Members from Alliance College-Ready Public Schools rolled up our sleeves and shared a lot of pride in what we accomplished together.

We had 10 teams designated to projects all over campus.  Read an overview from each team leader and check out the video that captured all our accomplishments.

TEAM 1: Gardening

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Garden Team

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Garden Team

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Garden Team

Team 1 showed off our flower power as we beautified the school’s front entrance. Armed with shovels, we planted an assortment of native California flowers, including lavender and gardenias. Maryanne’s gardening expertise proved invaluable, and we all took turns flexing our muscles as we put together a beautiful new garden for the school to enjoy.

Revolution Prep Leader: Arianna H.

Team: Kristy M., Lauren C., Maren J., Maryanne V., Stacy L.

TEAM 2: Picnic Tables

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Table building

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Table Building

green paintRevolution Service Day July 2010 - Table building

Team 2 had a very straight forward goal: to build, prime, paint, and place 8 picnic tables for the senior quad.  At the beginning of the day we quickly assigned tasks that needed to be completed and from there it was smooth sailing on execution.  We had all tables assembled within the first 30 minutes, by noon they had all been primed, by 2pm they were painted and by 3pm they were placed on the quad.

In addition to the Revolutionaries on the team we also had a bunch of students that were very excited to help paint; this allowed us to finish earlier than expected.  Once we had finished every member of the team found other projects to join.  I was lucky to be part of such a fun, hard-working, and focused team.  Mad props go to Adam, Alex, Carolyn, Dave, Holly, Jill, Laura, Nate, and Sean.

Revolution Prep Leader: Brad V.

Team: Adam B., Alex O., Carolyn P., Dave A., Holly W., Jason W., Jill N., Laura G., Nate T., Sean O.

TEAM 3: World Map

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - World Map

Revolution Service Day 2010 - Map

We Are the World, We are the Revolution.

We transformed the Senior Quad by giving them the world.  We spent the day stenciling a 20×36 world map and then painted all of the countries of each of the continents. For an education company, we all got a geography lesson.

Boston RM, Amanda, outlined the New England seaboard. Hook ‘em horns — Dallas MOI, Claudette, detailed the great state of Texas. RD, Megan, finished Russia and the Nordic Sea.


EMP grad and Florida RM, Aryan, drew the outline of her new home.  She later painted the Caribbean and connected all of the dots of the stencil.  Consequently, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica all became one massive island (it was confusing).  Fortunately, it was water soluble paint… and back in Florida, Aryan has a GPS. We also had Aryan paint all of the areas of the world for which she can speak an accent.  She did a lot of painting.

K12 Product Developer and Trivia Guru Josh put his entire mind and body into this project as evidenced by the paint in his hair. Following tradition, Ramit painted India, and picked the most masculine of the Easterish color palette.

Director of New Regions Chad showed off the final product, and all of the countries where he hopes to spread the Revolution.

Screen shot 2010-08-02 at 4.57.33 PM

Revolution Prep Leader: Emily T.

Team: Josh S., Amanda J., Angel L., Aryan M., Ben B., Ben P., Breeze C., Bridget M., Chad S., Claudette G., Jane G., Jennifer G., Lauren C., Mari L., Megan D.

TEAM 4: Step Stone Walkway



Revolution Service Day July 2010 -Walkway

Team 4 created something out of nothing!   School administrators had noticed kids were walking across a brand-new lawn to take a short-cut to class.  So, Team 4 built a stone path for the students to use – it was good for the lawn and good for the students!  Our work involved cutting out a 60 ft x 3 ft patch of lawn, leveling the patch of dirt and laying the stone pieces.  By far the coolest part of the project was using this bad ass motorized compressing machine that was like a lawn mower that pushed down to level the dirt.  Jessie G. and Kris F. were the Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson of the bad ass compressing machine.  Props also to Ben N. and Mike F. for transporting 200 stone pieces across the school.  Shelly W. and John H. were stalwarts that showed experience trumps youth.  Lastly, Muhammad M. put his engineering skills to work laying the stones.  We love our path and can’t wait for it to be trampled by the feet of Alliance students.

Ramit Varma Co-Founder Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep Leaders: Bill F. & Ben N.

Team: Briana A., Chelsea O., Jessica M., Jessie G., John H., Julia D., June M., Kai P., Kris F., Lindsay A., Marisela A., Mike F., Muhammad M., Shelly W.

TEAM 5: Positive Messaging

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Positive Messaging (Renee's New Buddy Princeton)

Revolution Prep Service Day July 2010 - Painting Positivity

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Positive Messaging

Team 5 was tasked with the responsibility of painting a series of 6 inspirational messages on the walls in the primary courtyard where the students gather every day before school, between classes, and during lunch.  Obviously, these walls are seen by a lot of students, faculty and visitors every day and we wanted the messages to be clear and eye-catching.  Without stencils or any direction beyond “get creative” the team waded in cautiously, thinking it much wiser to “measure twice and cut once.”  It just would not do to have misspelled words, or words and/or art cut off by a window, pipe or the lack of wall space.  Compounding the issue was that each phrase had to be written in English and Spanish.  Ay Dios Mio!


After prepping the walls and gathering our materials, the team commenced on the shortest phrase on the smallest wall in the most remote corner.  Gaining confidence, the team splintered into groups to brainstorm ways to make each wall and message as creative and unique as possible.  So, instead of the entire team working on each wall, we had multiple groups of 2 or 3 generating ideas and then seeking the team’s opinion on each concept.  In this way, we came up with 6 unique walls, each with its own style and tone.  Also, every member of the group got to work on everything from prep to concepting, and from free-handing to taping and painting.  As groups finished their walls they immediately joined other groups to help complete the project.  At the end of the day, I would estimate that 25 or 30 people ended up working on those 6 walls.  And I think all of that effort and collaboration shows in the end result.  I think the students of College-Ready Academy High School #7 and College-Ready Middle School #7 will enjoy the art work, style, and color, and also be inspired by the simple yet poignant messages.

Revolution Prep Leaders: Rene V., Renee D. & Stephanie R.

Team: Dianne D., Geoff W., Heather W., Jay M.

TEAM 6: Computer Lab & Cubbies


Revolution Service Day July 2010 - computer lab

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Painting Shelves Computer Lab


Team 6 (TEAM SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX) was a group of enthused, inspired, hard-working Revolutionaries who were all focused on beautifying the on-campus computer lab. For the first few hours, the team divided up into two groups with one group in charge of painting the cubbies and the second group painting the walls with primer. The cubbies were unusable before, with chipped paint, matted dust, and full of sticky cobwebs. At the end of the morning they were sparkling, shiny, and looked brand new. Keith and Tavis conquered stenciling and painting (with extreme care and preciseness) the REVOLUTION logo on the wall in the computer lab, while the rest of the team came together to finish priming and painting the walls. The team was so focused to get the job done that no one wanted to stop for a lunch break (although we did take a few 30-second dance party breaks). In the afternoon we were all focused on painting over the primer and the end product was absolutely stunning.


Revolution Prep Leaders: Liat B. & Drew Y.

Team: Alex M., Branden T., Deana J., Karin T., Keith L., Bill T., Megan S., Nick G., Renee R., Tara D., Tavis M., William A.

TEAM 7: Creating the Quad



Revolution Prep Service Day July 2010 - Playground

Team 7 began its day looking at an uneven and weed-filled mess of an area that may have once been a playground.  By the end of the day, we had transformed the space into a flat and welcoming patch of land – filled with fresh wood chips – that students will be able to enjoy while they relax and eat.  We worked hard pushing rakes and shovels, and filling a variety of different containers (trash cans, buckets, milk crates, anything we could get our hands on) with wood chips throughout the day.  But we could not possibly have moved our two huge piles of wood chips without reinforcements that arrived from neighboring teams, just when we most needed the help.  Then when we thought we were all done, a dump truck came and deposited another truckload full of chips in the middle of our field.  Team 7 and friends kept their heads up, however, and we got the job done.  Go Team 7!

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Playground

Revolution Prep Leader: Chris S.

Team: Erin M., Jared S., Jeff K., Kathy N., Macy L., Marisa L., Matt W., Stephen A., Monica M., Natalie T., Peter T.

TEAM 8: Playground Games

Revolution Prep Service Day July 2010 - Painting Playground

Revolution Prep Service Day July 2010 - Students using new equipment


Team Ocho Amarillo specialized in precision painting.  We were tasked with repainting the various playground games on the back asphalt.  We lead the effort by connecting new tetherballs to their poles.  We then broke up into pairs to repaint hopscotch, tetherball courts, and various other non-identifiable but certainly important circular courts around the playground.  We mused that they were most likely used for games such as Steal the Bacon, which everyone knows is awesome.  The precision piece of the work was that we had to fill in the lines without any stencils.  We must have been chosen because we’re the most “straight-edged” people in the company!

We worked quickly and efficiently, making sure that weeds were whacked so as not to interfere with our painting efforts.  After the paint dried we went back and did further hoeing to remove any weed roots that were left.

Because we worked so quickly, we finished early and joined Team 7 to create the quad.  We really enjoyed being able to help other groups execute their projects, in addition to completing our own!

Revolution Prep Leader: Laura W.

Team:  Kim G., Landon M., Mario G., Michael M., Leila N., Ryan M., June M.

TEAM 9: Affirmations on Back Wall

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Artist




Team 9 better known as the ‘Team Who Painted The Big-Ass Wall In The Back Of The School’ was pretty much awesome and quickly gelled together to approach the task at hand: paint a wall that was approximately the length of the Great Wall of China.  Not only did we prime and paint that huge brick wall a bedazzling white (not Swiss Coffee as expected), but we also decorated it with affirmations using the left-over paint from other teams. Though the task seemed daunting at first, we wasted no time priming, painting the wall white, writing inspirational words, and, of course, dancing our asses off. (Plus, we walked away the most decorated team – paint splatter galore. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.)

Everyone played an integral part on our team so a few shout-outs are in order.  Consistent with the theme of everybody being leaders, each person took charge of an important task.  Brittany (along with Natalie, who joined our team) saved the day by bringing the car to our remote area to play music, and Michael dominated the one-handed painting.  Erin was in charge of the booty shaking crew, Thomas was our chief liaison to outside groups, and Rod was QA and the big picture guy.  Mary, Nichole L., and Nicole G. were on touch up duty, and Patrick and Ross headed the “crack crew” for bare spots above 7 feet (a very important niche role).

And of course, we can’t forget the team 9 co-leader Nicole Wainwright.  Acting as our chief stenciler, we would have only had a really, really white wall.  Instead, the wall is adorned with the words “Respect, Appreciation, Collaborate, Cooperate, and Pride” and the quote “Every generation needs a new Revolution” from Thomas Jefferson to inspire future generations of College-Ready Academy Campus #7 students.  Great work Team 9!

Revolution Prep Leaders: Chris H., Nicole W.

Team: Michael H., David R., Mary A., Nichole L., Nicole G., Brittany O., Patrick M., Peter T., Rod T., Ross C., Thomas L., Vanessa G.

TEAM 10: Project Spirit Assistants

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Spirit team

Revolution Service Day July 2010 - Buddies

Although Team 10 didn’t have a physical project to complete they certainly provided the spirit, sunscreen, and H2O necessary to assist teams 1-9.  All team members were active pushing sunscreen and water, so much so that we were asked to provide sales support for the entire company from here on out (this we will not be doing, unfortunately).  I was also proud of the team members who decided to join projects once we figured out that water wasn’t as necessary considering the cooler weather of the day.  Overall Team 10 rocked the house and I’m super proud of them!

Revolution Service Day July 2010

Revolution Prep Leader: Peter M.

Team: Billy W., Natalie F., Inez G., Kelly T., Brooke M., Adriana P., Katherine W.

It’s amazing what a Revolutionary can do…

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