Get a professional online tutor for just $19!
($39/hour after trial period)

Your No-Strings Tutoring Trial includes:

  • 1 hour with a professional online tutor in almost any subject you choose!
  • Flexible self-scheduling in a student dashboard that’s set up just for you.
  • A parent update directly from your tutor so you can stay in the loop on the learning process—and progress!
Trying Out Tutoring is easy as...
Select a subject
Over 40 subjects, grades 1–12 available!
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See your tutor’s availability in real time!
Get results!
Better grades, higher test scores, lower stress.
For $19 you also get:
  • The same professional online tutors as our private tutoring students—and a role model & mentor for your child!
  • Your favorite parts of private tutoring & classroom learning combined! Your tutor will help your child (and up to just 2 other students) get test-ready or keep them engaged with their schoolwork—without the extra classroom distractions....
  • Time back in your day! Being a full-time parent, employee, and now learning support for your child is hard. We want to help.

Premium tutoring with 20 years of experience in every lesson

Since 2002, Revolution Prep has been helping students all over the world ace their tests, achieve their academic and big-picture goals, and go to first-choice high schools and universities. Over the course of more than 1 million tutoring hours, our professional tutors have identified the best ways to effectively engage students safely online to help them create paths to long-term academic success all the way through college and beyond. Learn more about us >

Frequently asked questions

Most tutoring companies contract part-time tutors—sometimes from online “marketplaces” where anyone can sign up and promote themself as a tutor.

We hire full-time educators and provide more than 30 hours of annual professional development.

And since tutoring happens all online, your child can learn from anywhere in the world!

We believe our tutors are the very best in the education industry. We work hard to find and hire educators with the three E’s—excitement, empathy, and enthusiasm—to help students with their three R’s—reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Our tutors are heavily vetted, must have applied their learning in the real world, and participate in professional development with a manager or faculty leader, which means your child’s Tutoring program is always improving in quality.

You can learn more about the six things all great tutors have and meet the four kinds of tutors in our free Tutor Hiring Guide!

Company Founders Jake and Ramit started Revolution Prep with an unwavering social mission to champion equity through access to education, which starts with fair pricing. Your Tutoring trial hour is $19. Tutoring is $39/hr after the trial. If this is outside your budget, contact us to learn about our scholarship and financial aid options!

Your tutor will use your child’s current schoolwork, projects, and worksheets to shape their Tutoring session. If your child doesn’t have these (the amount of assigned work varies from school to school, especially during the summer and winter breaks), your tutor might be able to provide some.

At the elementary level, your tutor will focus on appropriate reading, writing, and reading comprehension, math, and the fundamentals of long-term academic success.

Yes, absolutely! After your Tutoring trial, ask your dedicated Revolution Prep academic advisor how to enroll in Tutoring with Friends together.

Your child will receive as much individual attention as they need in the areas they need it most. Our professional online tutors are experts at identifying and giving attention to high-impact areas of learning opportunity. And even though there may be up to two other students sharing your Tutoring session, topics covered will be relevant to all students, who are grouped by age and subject matter.

As much or as little as your child needs (or wants!). Typically, this amounts to two one-hour Tutoring lessons a week—sometimes four one-hour Tutoring lessons for struggling students.

You can see your tutor’s availability in real time and schedule hours easily in the Revolution Prep mobile app for iOS and Android.

Or, after your Tutoring trial, opt in to “Pay as you go,” choose a recurring day and time, and schedule as far into the future as you like! When your paid-for hours get down to one, we’ll automatically refill them (back to five) for your convenience.

You can reschedule up to 48 hours in advance of a Tutoring lesson. Any later and you forfeit the lesson.

Tutoring is sold in five-hour packages for $199. Hourly rate is $39.80.