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Fill the gaps caused
by missed instruction.
Let a professional tutor help!

Parents everywhere are searching for summer programs to reduce
COVID-19’s impact on their child. We can help.

Two great live, online options


Your child + 2 other students

Flexible self-scheduling for any busy family

Personalized learning by a dedicated professional tutor

Tutoring with friends

Your child + 2 or more friends

Choose a schedule that works for your group

Personalized learning for each student by your dedicated professional tutor

Avoid the summer slide. Let our tutors help.

According to research from Northwest Evaluation Association, an educational assessment not-for-profit, kids in third to fifth grade typically lose about 20% of their literacy gains over the summer and 27% of their math skills. A new report from the organization suggests that coronavirus learning loss could be much steeper. The NWEA researchers believe that 30% of literacy and 50% of math gains could be lost.

It’s easy as…

Access to amazing tutors for $39/hr!

From elementary school to middle and high school, our experienced tutors support your child in core academic areas, building lifelong skills and confidence to excel in school and beyond.

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Program features

  • Live online 1-hour sessions with an amazing tutor in the subject you choose, with up to two other students working on the same subject.
  • Your child will get the same full-time professional tutor for all sessions, developing a strong level of engagement and familiarity.
  • Support when you need it, giving you the flexibility to use as many sessions you need per week.
  • Our professional tutors engage your child for the entire session, giving you time back in your day!

Frequently asked questions

Our tutors are the very best in the business. We select highly engaging, empathic people who have had a background in elementary, middle, and high school education. We provide them with hundreds of hours of initial and ongoing training and oversight. All of our tutors work at Revolution Prep full time, and are therefore highly experienced and skilled at 1-1 personalized instruction live, face-to-face online via Zoom. We provide more than thirty hours of professional development on an annual basis so we make sure our students are getting the best tutors in the world for any subject.

At Revolution Prep, all of our tutors are full-time employees of the company. This means we recruit, train, and manage all of our tutors in a very hands-on way. So called ‘marketplaces’ are simply creating a website where individual tutors can create a profile and market themselves. Beyond basic background checks, there is no qualification, selection, training, or ongoing management. As a parent, this puts most of the burden of managing progress on your plate.

We started Revolution Prep with a strong social mission. We believe that all students should have access to high-quality education options at a fair price. If this price is outside your budget, please reach out to us for scholarship options. We have never turned away a student due to inability to pay for our programs.

At the beginning of every session, the tutor checks in with the kids to see what they are working on in their class at school. If the kids have worksheets or assignments, then the tutor focuses on that. However, in the current environment and especially over summer, the amount of assigned work varies greatly from school to school and from family to family, so if the student doesn't have any assignments, then the tutor will have a set of resources (worksheets, activities, etc.) to focus the learning. That said, at the elementary level we are mainly focused on grade level appropriate reading, writing, and math and building crucial, fundamental skills necessary for academic success.

Yes, absolutely. The best tutoring experiences will occur when all the kids are in the same class...plus they have fun learning with friends. Simply complete the "Tutoring with Friends" form and we'll help get you and your friends enrolled together.

Our tutors are experts at identifying your child’s areas of opportunity and focusing attention around those areas. They will receive a ton of individual attention in every session, and while there may be 1 or 2 other kids in the same session, the topics covered will be relevant to all due to the age groupings. Our tutors are experts at facilitating both individual and group learning via the live online platform, so our students find all their sessions engaging, interactive, and fun.

This is a matter of academic need and areas of opportunity, goals, and personal philosophy. The vast majority of parents do 2 sessions per week under normal circumstances, but during the pandemic and because of the learning gaps created by COVID-19, we are seeing more like 3-5 sessions per week.

You will have access to your tutor’s schedule / availability in our app. Simply find a time that works and schedule it. Most parents choose our ‘Pay as you go’ program, which allows you to pick a recurring time slot and schedule it as far into the future as you like: When the hours get down to 1 remaining, they will refill back up to 5 for your convenience. While we have scheduling flexibility, just like a dentist or doctor’s office policy, we allow rescheduling 48 hours outside of session start time or the session is forfeited.

Tutoring is sold in 5-hour packages for $199. Hourly rate is $39.80
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