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Intensive Application Preparation Workshop
for High School Students

Peter Van Buskirk

Former dean of admission and college planning expert, Peter Van Buskirk, teaches participants how to think about college planning so they can make choices that serve them well in finding and getting into the colleges that fit them best. By challenging assumptions and providing a contextual basis for understanding the college admission process, Peter gives students and their parents the insights and practical tools needed to get from where they are to where they want to be. These programs inform, inspire and motivate students as they prepare to compete for admission to college.

What’s My Story®

A key to success in the selective college admission process rests in one's ability to use all parts of the application to make a cohesive, compelling case for acceptance. This hands-on, interactive workshop for juniors/rising high school seniors establishes the context of the selective admission process and then focuses on identifying the defining, and often nuanced, aspects of the participants' life experiences that won't be apparent anywhere else in their applications. Participants will engage in role-play activities, essay reviews, mock interviews, reflective and interactive exercises designed to produce practical strategies for revealing their stories. At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will be prepared to:

  • Develop an action plan for telling her story
  • Identify his "hooks" and find opportunities to reveal them
  • Establish an overall theme for her applications
  • Develop concepts for "lead" essays
  • Get the most from letters of recommendations
  • Relax and convey important messages in personal interviews

*N.B. WMS workshops can be modified to time/audience specifications as well as funding sources. Contact Peter to adapt a WMS workshop for your school.

4 hours
6 - 25

What do people have to say about Peter's program?

"I took your workshop and have used every single tool provided. Instead of taking several classes a month, all the most important information is jam-packed into 3-4 hours. I learned a boatload of information on how to effectively communicate my goals and desires in the essay and have since been admitted to Stanford University (EA)."

Student, Willow Grove, PA

"I am really glad I came! The workshop helped me evaluate myself and elements of my life experience I might not have considered before. I am much more confident than I was when I walked in here today!"

Student, Los Angeles, CA

"Your workshop was incredibly informative and uplifting—a great way for me to ask questions and get answers that were personalized for my needs and college goals. I left with a much clearer idea of what I wanted to write (and what colleges wanted to see) in my essays. It wasn't just the essay help that was beneficial. In the “practice college interviews,” you gave advice I utilized in my interviews at Dartmouth and UVA this winter. Best of all, the workshop taught me about the admission process and gave me confidence that my college decision would all work out in the end. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their college applications and desires a 'leg up' mentally when applying to colleges."

Student, Denver, CO

"The workshop truly opened up my mind towards writing about my fears and definitely educated me on what schools are truly looking for. It forced me to think outside of the obvious and, being surrounded by people who are experiencing exactly what I’m going through, was reassuring. I was accepted Early Decision to Wake Forest University and will be attending in the fall."

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