4 Ways to WOW Those College Admissions Officers

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It is the time of year that many students take their SAT®/ACT® and fill out those college applications. Although scores and transcripts certainly speak for themselves, there are ways a student can make his application stand out to college admissions officers. Remember, these people look at hundreds of applications each year – many with similar scores and involvement.

These tips can help get that application to the top of the pile:

Show Leadership & Commitment

When it comes to sports and other extracurriculars, a student wants to show leadership and progression. Focus on highlighting significant accomplishments – not the total number of activities. Help your child think about ways to show significant involvement in athletics, volunteer work, jobs, arts, pre-college programs, etc.

Be Complete and Accurate

It may sound simple, but make sure your child spends time making sure that his application is complete and accurate. Colleges don’t ask questions they don’t want to know the answers to! Take the time to help research dates and achievements to make sure you are painting the most accurate picture possible. (HINT: Check out our free webinar: 5 Important Aspects of a College Application)

Think About Those Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation can be an important part of the application package but a student should really consider whom they ask for these. Teachers, counselors, coaches, etc. are all people who can help show a student’s abilities and strengths they can bring to a potential college. Was there a specific situation that your child overcame difficulties to achieve great results (like turning a C into an A through hard work)? These types of stories can really make admissions officers take notice.

Consider SAT® Subject Tests

SAT® Subject Tests can be used to enhance a college application and are important when applying to the most selective schools. Even if they are not required, students should consider taking them if they are event suggested as the tests showcase knowledge in particular areas. If your child could benefit from these tests, check out our 7 Tips for Taking an SAT® Subject Test!

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