5 Tips For Taking A Practice Exam

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You signed up for your practice exam with Revolution Prep and now want to know how to get the most out of the experience. As leaders in test preparation, we have worked with thousands of students to help them prepare and succeed on these tests. It probably won’t be the MOST fun you’ll ever have on a Saturday but here are 5 tips that will help get you ready to do your best.

1. Don’t stay up late

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference when you are taking a practice exam. Remember that these tests are LONG and the more alert and mentally prepared you are, the better. Research actually shows that two nights of solid sleep prior to the exam helps to put you in the best state of mind.

2. Cram? Nah.

Many students spend the day before a practice exam cramming, causing mental fatigue and stress. This has been shown to actually have a negative impact on test scores. Relax and do something you actually like to do to get yourself in a positive mindset for test day.

3. Come to the exam prepared

It would be pretty silly if you did all this work preparing and showed up without a pencil, right? (Believe it or not, this has happened!) Bring with you everything you need like pencils, a calculator, and a break-time snack. We also recommend bringing a sweater or jacket with you as temperatures in the testing rooms can vary.

4. Fuel up

Just as athlete’s fuel up before the big game, you should do the same before your practice exam. Eating a healthy breakfast helps give you the energy to get through the test without feeling hungry. Stick to foods you are used to eating and don’t add stimulants like coffee if you are not used to drinking them.

5. Remember this is just the start

It is important to keep in mind that this is your starting score, not the one you will use for college admissions. While a practice test is a great preparation tool, it is important to not pressure yourself about end results and focus on understanding how the test works. Slow down and take a deep breath and try not to worry about time pressure, knowing that this is just the first step in achieving your goal score. Many students increase their scores very significantly by the time they take the actual test so grab your pencil, relax, and good luck!

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