Think ahead: College Preparation Calendar

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High school is a mountain, a huge mountain.

And the summit is centered directly over May of your child’s junior year. Many kids suffer the summit because they were not prepared, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As you can see from the college preparation timeline below, there is so much going on in the 4 years of high school, between classes that just become tougher and tougher, the myriad of extracurricular activities that our students dedicate themselves to for years, college admissions tests that feel insurmountable, and of course the dreaded college applications. It’s a fact that the amount of work our kids face is crazy.

The problem is that we let things pile up, especially during junior year.

But with some smart planning, it doesn’t all have to happen at the same time. Pin, bookmark, or print the following college preparation calendar to help your child get it all done without becoming overwhelmed.

With great planning, your child will be miles ahead of classmates and home life can be so much less stressful if you help move some of that mountain of junior year to earlier years. A little bit of planning puts your kid ahead of the curve and lets them call the shots.

Set up a testing timeline early with an expert.

You will make life so much more manageable for your child and so much less stressful for you.

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College Prep Timeline For SAT ACT Success
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