One week until the SAT: What to do?

It’s here.

For students taking the SAT, there is only one week left until the test. One more week until all your hard work pays off and you can finally relax—but don’t celebrate just yet! This last week gives you a fantastic opportunity to do some final prep work. Here are our recommendations:

Take that last practice exam like it’s the last practice exam you’ll ever take.

This is the time to finish strong! Take that last exam like it’s the real thing. Go to bed early on Friday night, have a protein-rich breakfast Saturday morning, and have your snacks and supplies ready to go. Taking practice tests seriously is the best way to prepare for your SAT. Use this last opportunity to knock it out of the park!

Review past tests.

Make sure that you have gone through your past tests, homework assignments, and class work and can explain how to do every single problem.

Yeah, you read that right. Every. Single. Problem.

Don’t understand it? Ask your Revolution Prep instructor, or your math teacher, or your friend who is really good at algebra. The problems on the SAT are repetitive, and if you get to the point where you know your practice problems backwards and forwards, you’ll be in position to do extremely well on the actual exam.

Form a study group.

Get together with a few of your friends for one last, low-stress review session.

Take part in Prepfest.

Have you heard about Prepfest? If you’re taking a Revolution Prep course, you have access to dozens of free online classes in the week leading up to the exam. These courses are perfect if you have a specific area of the exam that needs improving, and can also serve as great review sessions for topics covered early in the course.

Pace yourself.

Do you have a big essay due Friday? Get it done by Wednesday. It is important to stay on top of your schoolwork this week so that you don’t end up cramming the night before the SAT. The more work you get done early in the week, the better!


This one is the hardest. With schedules packed with AP exams, rigorous coursework, and extracurricular activities, the average high school student doesn’t have too many opportunities for down time.

However, a stressed-out student does not a 2100 make. It’s important to make sure that you feel emotionally and physically replenished when you take your exam. Schedule a little R&R in the week prior to make sure your body and brain aren’t burnt out.

Let it go.

You’ve studied, taken your exams, done all your schoolwork, and even found time to get a full night’s sleep. Now it’s time to trust what you have learned, and reap the benefits of all your hard work with the score you’ve been dreaming of! Congratulations, RevPrep rock star, you made it!

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