Why is it important for students to have a college admissions marketing plan?

As part our College Q & A guide, we decided to ask your questions to the experts. Here are their answers.

王文君 June Scortino, President, IVY Counselors Network

It is well accepted that student must find a best way to promote themselves for college admisisons. better prepare admissions will bring more options and more financial aid for the student. the process required expertise and connections to colleges for recommendation and help the students to gain long term perspective for having a long term academic plan. it is not a marketing plan because the student can only approve themselves on paper or in person, it can not be done through enlarge the facts and misleading. it is game plan becuase just like any sports, we want everyone to win no one to loss. the win-win situation must present by selecting the right schools with the best fit and match.

Nancy Milne, Owner, Milne Collegiate Consulting

Having a college admissions marketing plan sounds a little intense to me. While it helps to find a “hook” or way to stand out in the crowd, I’d hate to see you come across as a “package” and not a person. If you follow all of the recommendations for a successful application, you will have basically marketed yourself. The essay is still one of the best ways to personalize your application, by writing about something that will be memorable to the reader and specific to only you. It is important that you remain consistent in your application materials, so that your passion comes through. Remember, they are looking to enroll a well rounded CLASS, not a class of well rounded students. By bringing a mix of artsy, athletic, politically oriented, socially concerned, etc. students to campus, the school will have achieved their goal and you will be surrounded by an interesting mix of new friends.

Karen Ekman-Baur Director of College Counseling Leysin American School

Don’t be put off by the use of the word “marketing” in this question. It doesn’t mean that you have to create an artificial, unreal picture of yourself. Just as we expect companies to market their products or services accurately, so should you accurately present yourself to the institutions to which you apply. You will want to make those institutions aware of who you are, what you’ve accomplished up to now, what your goals are, and so on. I often recommend that students be sure that they “have all the cards in their hand”. By that, I mean that they should have the best grades that they can accomplish in challenging high school courses, standardized test scores which they feel accurately represent their abilities, and involvement in extracurricular or community service activities to which they have been able to commit because of sincere interest. You will present yourself to the institutions through the application itself, through any required or recommended essays, and occasionally, through an interview. So, indeed, you are marketing your unique brand – the “you” that you have become over the years.

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