“I have plenty of time to study” Part 2

The SAT is two weeks away and finals are still four weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you should put off studying until the last minute. In my last post “I have plenty of time to study” Part 1, I talked about all the reasons why you need to make a plan and not cram. So now that you are thoroughly convinced that you should plan now, how exactly do you go about that? Here are four take-home tips that you can do today to set yourself up for success in December. Below is a sample calendar.

  • Call your tutor. If you have a tutor for chemistry, don’t wait until everyone else is cramming for exams to call your tutor. Contrary to popular belief, your tutor is not waiting by the bat phone for you to give him his next assignment. The tutor’s calendar is filling fast. Schedule your tutoring sessions now! You have four weeks until finals, which is plenty of time to meet with your tutor once-per-week to make sure you are keeping up with new material and reviewing what you missed on old tests and quizzes.
  • Use a calendar. I don’t care if you keep your calendar on your iPad, Outlook, a wall, your desk, or a stone tablet, pull out a calendar and write down “December 7: SAT.” Write down the date (and time, if necessary) for each of your finals. Use these deadlines and work backwards one week out, two weeks out, etc. Write down what you want to have done by that date. Maybe you work on your review packet for 30 minutes at a time throughout the week, but give yourself a due date by which you want to have the packet done. See the sample calendar below.
  • Plan for down time. Thanksgiving break is coming up. Some students think this is prime finals studying time and plan to study twenty hours over Wednesday through Friday. But let’s think about this for a minute. If your family is going on a car trip, maybe the car ride would be a great time to study. Of course, if you have 4 younger siblings and a dad who plays a dozen rounds of eye-spy, studying might be a little difficult. If you are planning on spending all day Thursday seeing family, stuffing your face, and watching some football, then that leaves little room for study time. Plus, what is Thanksgiving break without hanging out with friends and Black Friday shopping.
  • Plan for when the plan doesn’t go according to plan. Maybe your algebra homework took too long on Monday, and you had to re-schedule your SAT tutoring session for Wednesday. But you had planned on doing Chemistry homework on Wednesday and meeting with your group for your Government group project. If you are like most people, once you get behind, it is tempting to get discouraged and chunk the whole plan. Don’t fall for it! Plan for time to make up whatever you didn’t finish.

Use these tips and you’ll be successful on the SAT and finals. If you have any questions or need an academic plan don’t hesitate to visit Revolution Prep for more information and support.

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